RF Meets Leah

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Meet Leah Puyat. You've probably met her before as the first editor-in-chief of Preview magazine. Nowadays, she keeps herself busy as a writer and an entrepreneur- but more importantly though, she is a forever dreamer and a secret poet. ;) 

You'll get lost in looking at every little piece that's parked in her room. It is filled with things that has its own story. Come take a look for yourself. 


Any new garment or accessory, I like to wear first to mass, so it will be blessed.

What person would you like to swap lives with for a day? 

Marina Rust or Stella Tennant- to feel incandescent. 

Best piece of advice ever given to you.

Never be bitter. 

Tell us something that we wouldn't know by looking at you. 

Am a massive sports fan! And though I looooove people, i treasure my alone time. 

Say hello to her RF collection of shoes over the years! p.s. we are loving her geometric tiles! 


'til the next post! 


Cheers to being you, 


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  • Massive thanks! Am truly honored!

    Leah Puyat on

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