Own Your Christmas: Mikka Padua

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Mikka Padua, 34, Commander-in-Chic at www.seektheuniq.com 


What keeps you busy on a typical day? What’s your regular routine like?

I wake up early to get my daughter ready for school. My husband takes her while I'm off to yoga. I collect her form school after and head home. That's when my day for STU starts. 

What do you like to do outside your work life?

I like to read and indulge in books and shows like SHERLOCK. This modern adaptation of a classic is my escape to non-fashion, light, and witty entertainment.

I also love to travel with my family and discover new places and cultures.

What do you love about running Seektheuniq?

I love that I do something I am so passionate about. Running it is not work for me. It's my source of strength and fulfillment. More importantly, I love that I am able to do this from home while being a mother to my daughter and a wife to my husband.

How do you make the holidays more festive?

I infuse a lot of DIY in my life and the holidays play the perfect setting to get our groove on! I'm not so fond of store-bought decor so we usually improvise. For our Christmas tree last year, we dressed up the bones of our teepee, hung lights and a star. 

How can people capture the Seek the Uniq look this season?

DIY + recycling is the way! Last year's decor can be made new again with fresh ideas. Working around themes for holiday get-togethers is also a nice way to set the mood plus it makes your guests feel special.

How do you #ownyourstep?

As in Seektheuniq, we move to the beat of our drums. We stick to what we believe in and don't follow trends unless they resonate to our total concept and being.

What do you love best about the holidays?

I love the reason that we have a good reason to dress up! 

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