Own Your Christmas: Anina Rubio

Name, Age, Profession / Occupation

Anina Rubio, 28, Marketing Manager and design / art / calligraphy enthusiast


What keeps you busy on a typical day? What’s your regular routine like?

On a regular day, apart from work, what keeps me busy is practice and research. My routine is: Coffee-Work-Coffee-Home-Coffee-Practice. I exert a lot of effort in learning new techniques and tools whenever I can.


What’s the best advice for those who want to get into calligraphy?

First, trust yourself. You can't come up with good pieces if you doubt your capability to do it. Second, make time for your art, whatever it may be. Third and most important of all is practice. You develop and enhance your skills not through magic but through regular practice. 


What are your most memorable projects?

All wedding projects I had this year are all memorable. It's like partaking in the couple's happiness without being there at their wedding physically. My fave project also is my collab with Heima. I had so much fun and freedom doing artwork for them (which will soon be released!)


How do you make the holidays more festive?

I try make my holidays more festive by giving and sharing! It's always fulfilling to pay it forward <3 top="" those="" off="" with="" good="" food="" then="" that="" s="" an="" even="" more="" festive="" holiday="" p="">


What do you love about your art?

I love that it allows me to explore and develop new skills/techniques or try new materials. It also enables me to think outside the box. Lastly, I love that it is super fun to do and I don't really get tired doing it!


How do you #ownyourstep?

I try to develop my own style to "own my step". I know not all works of art are perfect in the eyes of everyone but I take all criticisms and feedback as fuel for improvement.

What’s the best thing about the holidays?

The best thing about holidays is that everyone is sharing good vibes!


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