One Hot Summer Day

Posted by Bea Sambalido on


Oh man, it's been so hot the past few days! Not the best time to get all glammed up. But no matter, we were just too excited to start posting entries.

Admittedly, the first few poses I did were a bit too composed and stiff. That's when the heat decided to change things up a bit. My sister started taking random shots of me having not-so-much-fun in the sun. Little did we know that they ended up looking much better. The candid shots capture who we are much more. 

So check it out and let us know what you think! Hope to hear from you guys! 


Summer makes me think of lighter colors. It makes it much easier for me to go outside and face the heat. 


Shoes: Renegade Folk (Come as you are) Bag: Renegade Folk (Hip to be Square) Dress: Topshop Vest: Zara 



Cheers to being you! <3




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