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Happy Wednesday ladies! 

We're so excited about starting this blog. More so now that we have found our 'voice'. In other words, we have decided on a theme with which to tie all of our posts together.

We want to share with you a lifestyle which we here at Renegade Folk always strive for.  

Renegade Folk is all about staying true to oneself. We are always inspired by people and experiences which encourage us to pursue our passion and make a contribution in our own unique ways. We want to share those with you - hoping that you will be inspired to discover your unique capability and dreams. 

In our utter excitement, we have compiled a list that we are itching to share with all of you. We divided them in 3 categories. 

1. Participate in new experiences.  

2. Meet and collaborate with iconoclasts. 

3. Discover new places.  

To start things off, we introduce you to this little neighborhood cafe charmer in New Manila, Quezon City. It's a hole in the wall cafe called Craft which offers artisanal coffee. It goes without saying that its owners take their coffee very seriously and would like more Filipinos to do the same. 



Meet Elizabeth, their roasting machine.


 The rustic interior, the smell of beans roasting and the collaborative community make Craft so deliciously enticing. Needless to say, we are definitely coming back! The most important thing is that their coffee tastes excellent. One of the best we have had so far. 

Cheers to being you, 



*Craft is located at 66 Broadway Ave. New Manila, Q.C. 


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