Five Ways to Do Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Five Ways to Do Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Posted by Chinggay Labrador on

In a bind with less than 24 hours to go? We've got some smart solutions to help you solve your gift dilemmas, stat.

1. Get them an RF Gift Card online. Just purchase an online gift certificate for P500, P1000, P1500, P2000 and you instantly get an email with a code that gets your recipient some money off her favorite pair from the shop. It takes less than five minutes!

2. If you ordered before our delivery cut off, you can drop your recipient a hint on Instagram by surprising her with a tag. Just comment on a photo of the pair you got her and tell her that your gift is on its way.

3. Send us a DM. If you're desperate to find out what pairs are still available, when deliveries will resume, and if the style you want is still available in your recipient's size, then the quickest way to get in touch with us via message. Our office is closed on the 25th and 26th, but we'll be ready to answer your inquiries on the 27th!

4. Head over to our UP Town Center store. If ordering online and waiting for your delivery is too much trouble, you can head to our store and get instant gratification. Want to make sure what you're looking for is there? Give John and Len a call at +632 960 1871. (We're open through the holidays!)

5. Gift your discount code. If you've made an online purchase with RF before, you'll find a coupon code from us that you can gift to first time buyers. (Start searching your inbox now!).

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